Inclusive Learning

How to Cater for ALL the Kids in Your Learning Environment

There is no typical learning environment.

You might have a multiple grade class aged from 5 to 12, with their learning not necessarily lined up neatly with their ‘grade’ or ‘year level’.

Or a class of 6 year olds with 2 children who have been fluently reading a year before they arrived at school, some who think dog rhymes with cat and the rest beginning to learn the different ways to spell sounds in words.

You might have 3 children at your kitchen table home learning or doing their homework. The middle one is ‘on task’ and loves the spelling routine. The youngest is fidgeting and doodling and the eldest wants to get back to texting and doesn’t see the relevance of learning to spell.

What do you do!!

Story Based Learning unites your group while catering to individual learning needs. Connected, meaningful, easy, relevant…and not loads of paperwork!

Our aim is to make spelling a happy and successful experience for everyone:)