Author, Artists and Programmer

Clever Speller is a small South Australian team of family and friends who have worked together to create an innovative story based app.

Karen Sandelin: Author, Creative Designer  Karen Sandelin Author Clever Speller 

A teacher for more than 20 years, Karen has always been passionate about creating a meaningful and interesting learning environment. She loves to make learning fun, stress free and memorable and believes that stories are the best and most time honored way to learn. Her interests include playing in the garden, walking in the scrub, creating music and reading.

Amber Williams: Artist

Amber is a self taught artist from the Adelaide Hills of South Australia who is inspired by cartoons, nature, fantasy and animated films. Her preferred mediums are digital art/vector art, watercolor and making 3D models. Illustrating children’s stories has been a dream since she was aged 12.

Lavinia Letheby: Artist

Lavinia has always had a passion and natural talent for drawing and painting. After having her first son, she began focusing on her art again, entering many exhibitions and competitions and successfully selling a few pieces. She has thoroughly enjoyed bringing the loveable characters to life looks forward to using Clever Speller with her own children’s education and hopes you do too!

Read more about Lavinia’s adventures with her family here   Our Family 4×4 Adventure

Brenton Williams : Programmer

Brenton has made computers do clever things for people for many years. His background in data combined with his imagination and creativity have brought Clever Speller alive. Kids absolutely love the special effects and the tap and swipe games bring them back for more! Brenton’s patience with the dreaded scope creep has made Clever Speller blossom from the original concept to a rich and engaging experience.