About Clever Speller

Read stories to develop phonemic awareness, play games and work on printed activities to practice and reinforce phonics. Use Clever Speller independently or as a support to schoolwork.

Use Clever Speller to consolidate learning, to make it fun, to help spelling make sense.


Children love to spell at a surprisingly early age! Read Clever Speller stories as soon as they are spelling out c-a-t or d-o-g. Then when they start asking how to spell words that are trickier to explain, such as t-r-ee, m-o-n-k-ey, ch-ee-se or s-ea it will be easy to sound out phonetically and explain that lots of sounds are spelled in different ways.

The bulk of the content in Clever Speller is ideally learnt from about 5 years of age to 8-9 but spellers of any age will benefit from ‘playing’ and learning with the app.

Clever Speller caters for beginning spellers, to learning about word families and finally grammar and word knowledge.

The app is systematic in that it explicitly teaches how to spell sounds but is not sequential in that it can be used at any stage depending on what is needed.

Clever Speller is a story based learning app that combines whole language, phonics and the magic of technology to teach the many different ways that sounds are spelled in words of the English language.

Clever Speller teaches a difficult concept early on in the spelling journey. By introducing the concept that there are many ways to spell sounds in words when children are first developing phonemic awareness, confusion is avoided before it begins.

Clever Speller is unique in that it uses purpose written full length traditional picture-book style stories to teach spelling. Stories will enable children to remember how to spell much more easily and engagingly than dry, boring worksheets or variations of the cat sat on a mat with a rat and a bat!

Phonics is learning to read, write and spell by decoding words. It focuses on the development of phonemic awareness (hearing sounds in words) and the relationship of letters and letter combinations to the sounds in words.


Whole language emphasizes that children should focus on meaning within texts. The underlying approach is that children learn to recognize whole words in the context.

For Parents

Make spelling fun, play with words, find rhymes. Use Clever Speller to support whatever sounds they are learning in class.

Children love playing with technology and are drawn to the fun games. You can be confident that they are learning to spell while playing on their favorite device!! ‘Screen time’ can be learning time as well as fun!

All content in the games is specifically linked to the focus sound stories. With connected learning children are much more likely to be engaged and participating and actually look forward to spelling!

Printable activities are also based on the focus sound stories. Meaningful and contextual traditional pen and paper learning is enjoyable and much easier to connect to!

The games are in multiple choice format, a commonly used testing technique, but multi coloured, meaningful and most of all fun! Children will be practicing and gaining confidence with on-line tests without even realising.

For Teachers

Yes, Clever Speller will complement any spelling program or strategy that is being used. Clever Speller is designed to be used at any stage, at any time by any individual.

You will find that Clever Speller content works well with any spelling curriculum requirements. Use the planning and recording sheets to add your students and wording for your particular learning outcomes. Wording in various curriculum will vary slightly and will change over time but the components of learning to spell are common to most strategies.

Yes, you can use Clever Speller as a complete spelling program or as individual units to complement any of your teaching. The printable Teaching Resources cover learning from beginning phonemic awareness, to teaching individual word families through to grammar and punctuation skills.

There are also story-based learning activities covering reading, writing, handwriting, sight words as well as ideas for teaching in all areas of the curriculum. Make your learning alive and connected!

Words such as I, it, she, because, etc are often referred to as tricky words. They are also known as sight words and high frequency words and can be treated as ‘hard to learn’. Clever Speller groups them into the vowel sound within the words so that they do make sense!

Purchase Information

Yes. Purchase them one by one to suit your needs, collect them much as you would like any favorite book series. Or you can buy them in discounted bundles.

We are working on the next series of Clever Speller stories. Watch this space for more vowel sound phonics stories.

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