For Parents

Is this you?

  • I want to help my child learn to spell
  • I am looking for ways to engage my child with learning
  • I want to support what my child is learning at school
  • I don’t want my child to fall behind
Bored with Spelling

Do you have a child who is:

  • Not hearing individual sounds in words?
  • Having trouble ‘sounding out’ words into individual sounds?
  • Confused about how to spell complex words?
  • Not spelling words correctly in their writing?
  • Disengaged or even acting out in class in spelling and writing lessons?
  • Bored with spelling activities?

Solve spelling issues with this unique story based learning approach:

  • Read storybooks and easily learn how to spell sounds in words
  • Engage your child with fun games on the iPad
  • Print out meaningful and connected activities to reinforce learning
Learn to spell sounds in words