Helping Your Child

Help your child to be a confident speller

As a caring and concerned parent you want the very best for your child.

You’re involved in their education because you know that it’s more than the ‘marks they achieve’ that will give them the best start in life. More than ever it is the ability to find out information and to be a lifelong learner that will enable choice and freedom in life.

Research shows clearly that literacy underpins all learning. Being a confident and accurate speller not only underpins literacy and thus learning, but increases credibility as well as improving health, safety and general success.

Spelling is important!

For some people spelling comes naturally. They have an accurate spelling database and can spot a spelling mistake a mile away. For others it can be a minefield of confusion and errors. 

If spelling becomes an issue it can manifest in many ways.

Recognise any of these?

  • Not wanting to do spelling homework
  • Confused about how to spell
  • Disheartened, started out really well but now confused
  • Not doing very well in spelling tests
  • Not spelling words correctly in every day writing
  • Disengaged or even acting out in class
  • Having trouble getting started in writing time in class
  • Having trouble hearing sounds in words
  • Having trouble ‘sounding out’ words into individual sounds
  • Bored with spelling activities

If you are:

  • Wanting to help your child learn to spell
  • Looking for a way to engage your child
  • Worried about your child falling behind
  • Looking for an alternative to the program or strategy used in your child’s classroom
  • Looking for a way to support what your child is learning at school…

Clever Speller is for you!

A unique Story Based Spelling combining Whole Language and Phonics to bring spelling to life and make it easy and fun to learn to spell.

A simple, but unique, approach designed to make sense of crazy English spelling, cater for different learning styles and bring spelling to life.