Natural Spelling

Learn to Spell Naturally with Story Based Learning

Stories are how we love to learn. From sitting around the camp fire to bedtime stories, from books and newspapers to TV and internet, from encyclopaedias to documentaries, from legends to movies, from fairy stories and parables to modern day picture books we use stories to teach across all learning areas.

However it can be very difficult to find truly engaging stories to teach spelling systematically. Our picture book style stories have been written to provide a story based way to learn to spell and are full of words showing all the ways a focus sound can be spelled. They provide the context for phonics to make sense and bring spelling to life.

As well as explicitly teaching spelling, each story has loads of ideas for connected learning across all curriculum areas which is brilliant for learning at home.

Kids love to play shops! Make a budget for a week, write a shopping list, design a catalogue, research where food comes from…the possibilities are endless! Download Poppy’s Top Shop, a fun story full of words showing 4 ways the Short O sound can be spelled plus plenty of ideas for linked learning.

Here are some more examples…

Map Joanna’s journey, write postcards to send to Joanna’s family, learn about waterfalls and rainbows, design and build a bridge to go over the waterfall, create a music playlist for Joanna to listen to on her travels…let your imagination run free!

Natural Story Based Spelling Benefits

  • Phonics picture book stories enable spelling to be absorbed naturally
  • Endless possibilities for extension and growth