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Age McCann Van Dokkum: My Best Friend Fred, Stuck in the Mud, Game 4 Words

Ezra Juanita: Game 4 Words

Jill McCann Van Dokkum: Three Free Wishes, Game 4 Words

Michael Kumnick: Dance of the Fancy Pants Ants, Diamonds in the Sky, Ewes in the Queue, Game 4 Words

Wendy Ticao: Itchy Witch, Poppy’s Top Shop, Baby Jake’s Birthday, Joanna Goanna, Game 4 Words


Age and Jill McCann Van Dokkum: Shoestring Media Group, Nashville

Ezra Juanta, Michael Kumnick, Wendy Ticao: SA Casting

Tom Bourne and SAE (Adelaide School of Audio Engineering)