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Audio Boom Cards Book, Long A Phonics Story, Baby Jake's Birthday

Narrated phonics picture book full of words to learn the different ways to spell the Long A sound in words. Interactive fun to develop phonemic awareness.

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AudioBoom Cards Book, Long A Phonics Story



This lovely narrated picture book story develops Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Skills, the building blocks of learning to spell. Providing a natural, authentic and successful spelling experience, this full length original picture book style story full of words with the Long A sound has been purpose written by an experienced teacher. Your students will be happily learning to spell in no time at all!

In this deck:

Narrated phonics picture book story full of words showing 9 different ways the Long A sound can be spelled: 22 page story, 2 cards per page, 44 cards total.

Card 1 Phonemic Awareness

– listen to narrated story full of words with a Long A sound

– tap on the words with a Long A sound

– click to check

Card 2: Phonics

– learn 9 different ways the Long A sound can be spelled, with all the Long A sound letters printed in green

– repeat for next page of the story

Learn to Spell with Stories!

One of the hardest aspects of learning to spell the English language is that sounds in words can be spelled in so many ways. This can lead to stress, confusion and ongoing anxiety, often not helped by endless lists of disconnected and meaningless wordlists.

Written and designed for the child to

1: hear sounds in words

2: know what letters to choose to spell the sounds they hear

We hope you and your students enjoy the stories and easily learn to spell at the same time!

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