Phonics Picture Book Ewes in the Queue: Learn 10 Ways to Spell the Long U Sound


Three ewes are waiting in the queue to sample the unusual food on Chef Matthew’s menu.

Read about the mischief they get up to, and have fun learning to spell at the same time.

Ewes in the Queue contains 34 spelling words showing 10 ways that the Long U Sound can be spelled.

Also included are spelling and theme activities, word family lists, tricky words, reading comprehension, homophones, homonyms and homographs, grapheme chart and a coloring page. 

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More About Clever Speller

Breathe life into spelling with Clever Speller, a unique story based approach that makes learning to spell easy and fun. Ten beautifully illustrated phonics picture books full of words that highlight the many different ways a focus sound can be spelled, make the journey from hearing sounds in words, to knowing all the ways to spell them, clear and easy to understand.

Clever Speller is different. No other spelling resource features full length picture books with all the ways to spell a focus sound in the same story. Whole language and phonics work together, with the appeal of technology, to present a perfect mix of old and new that will gain, and keep, student’s attention. All the bells and whistles, rules, strategies, programs, certificates, tests or tutoring in the world will only work if learners are engaged.

For many students spelling is confusing and boring. Despite the best of intentions and concentrated efforts, too many students are at risk of becoming disengaged with spelling. There has to be a better way and there is! 

Tell us a story!

Humans have always used stories to make learning interesting, relevant and memorable. Stories spark our imagination, help us learn and remember, teach life skills, warn of danger, entertain us, develop critical thinking and provide common ground.

Stories are employed in many areas of learning but when looking for stories to teach spelling we are often limited to variations of ‘the fat cat sat on a flat mat with a rat and a bat’. English is difficult enough to learn without being bored to bits along the way! Leveled and decodable readers are useful, but they don’t ignite imagination or encourage a love of independent reading, nor do they introduce early enough in the spelling journey that sounds in words can be spelled in many different ways.

To be an accurate speller a student needs to learn at least 12 different ways to spell the Long E sound! Consider: quayevening, sea, tree, these, receive, people, key, kiosk, stories, police, bunny. And then there are those pesky homophones! Which witch rode on the road in the sun with her son? It’s no wonder that children can quickly become confused and disheartened. Yes, English is a crazy language to learn to spell, but it’s not rocket science and it doesn’t have to be boring. There is a better way to learn to spell than with endless lists and dry, boring worksheets.

Clever Speller cleverly uses the rigor of phonics, in the context of whole language, to make sense of crazy English spelling and bring it to life. Traditional picture book style stories showing all the ways to spell a focus sound enable a seamless progression from phonemic awareness to phonics knowledge. Colourful characters and interesting adventures engage and enthrall students so that learning to spell, and read, is an enjoyable experience for all. 


1: Hear sounds in words. 

2: Learn all the ways to spell them and…

Be Spellbound!


  • Develop phonemic awareness
  • Provide context for phonics to make sense
  • Provide rigor for whole language to be effective
  • Easily learn grapheme phoneme correspondence 
  • Enhance retention and recall
  • Save time with planning
  • Cater for different learning styles
  • Differentiate for learning variability
  • Complement any spelling methodology
  • Bridge the gap between leveled readers and authentic texts
  • Engage students with connected and meaningful activities
  • Integrate reading and spelling lessons


  • 10 decodable sound phonics picture books 
  • 1 book for each short and long vowel sound
  • 73 ways to spell 10 long and short vowel sounds
  • Over 1000 focus sound spelling words
  • Graphemes printed in different color for easy decoding
  • Grapheme charts and word family lists
  • Spelling and integrated cross curricular activities
  • Literal and inferential reading comprehension
  • Homophones, homonyms and homographs
  • High frequency/sight words grouped by focus sounds
  • iPad app and teaching videos
  • Printable activities and resources 

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