Flash Cards Bundle of 10: Story Based Phonics

1023 story based Flash Cards. Bring spelling to life with authentic, contextual learning and easily learn how sounds in words are spelled in different ways. Easy to use for home or school with all content and images from engaging Phonics Stories, making learning interesting, connected and meaningful.

Included in this bundle:

2046 Flash Cards, (1023 words)

Set 1: Words printed in black

Set 2: Graphemes are printed in green for easy decoding of the focus sound.

10 Phonics Stories, (one page version) with over 1000 spelling words showing 72 ways the Long and Short Vowel sounds can be spelled. 2 versions are included with minor variations for differences in American and Australian/British spelling. Each story is full of words showing how a particular vowel sound can be spelled in many different ways.

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Included in this bundle:
Long A Phonics Story, Baby Jake’s Birthday
Long E Phonics Story, Three Free Wishes
Long I Phonics Story, Diamonds in the Sky
Long O Phonics Story, Baby Jake’s Birthday
Long U Phonics Story, Joanna Goanna
Short A Phonics Story, Dance of the Fancy Pants Ants
Short E Phonics Story, My Best Friend Fred
Short I Phonics Story, Itchy Witch
Short O Phonics Story, Poppy’s Top Shop
Short U Phonics Story, Stuck in the Mud
Clever Speller Phonics Stories are written in traditional picture book style. They contain 1022 spelling words showing 73 ways to spell the Long and Short Vowel Sounds in the English language and provide the context for phonics to make sense.
2 versions of the stories are included where there are differences in Australian and US spelling.
Clever Speller combines Phonics with Whole Language to easily show how sounds in words are spelled in many ways, bringing spelling to life and providing the context for phonics to make sense.