Homophones and Homonyms Long A Grammar: Story Based Phonics

Easily learn the difference between homophones, homonyms and homographs with Jamie and Jane and consolidate learning to spell the Long A sound at the same time.
This activity can be completed as a pre-prepared fillable PDF on a computer or device or printed out.
  • Lesson Ideas
  • All About Homophones and Homonyms
  • Find the Words
  • Choose the Correct Homophone
  • Homophone Pairs
  • Homonym Pairs
  • Funny Homonyms
  • Long A Phonics Story, Baby Jake’s Birthday

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All words are from the Long A Phonics Story, Baby Jake’s Birthday, a purpose written story full of words to easily learn 9 different ways the Long A sound can be spelled.

Includes the following:
Homophones: ate/eight, brakes/breaks, main/mane, may/May, pail/pale, plain/plane, rains/reins
Homonyms: place plain paper cave change space waste way shade shape wake
2 versions of the story are included with Australian and US spelling differences: favourite/favorite, labelling/labeling, neighbours/neighbor.

Clever Speller’s unique story based approach to spelling features full length engaging picture book stories full of words with all the ways to spell a focus sound in the same story. Combining Phonics with Whole Language to easily show how sounds in words are spelled in many ways, bringing spelling to life and providing the context for phonics to make sense.