Interactive Phonics Practice and Quiz for Short A Words


Interactive Phonics and Quiz for Short A Words

Improve phonics results with the this fun interactive phonics practice activity for Short A words.
Made for Google Slides open in Presentation Mode for full interactivity.

When students are ready take the phonics quiz to assess progress. Quiz can be taken online or printed out.

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Improve phonics skills with a fun interactive phonics practice activity and follow up quiz. Open with the free Google Drive app on your phone or tablet for easy access to these engaging resources featuring interactivity, sound effects and self correction. Students will love practicing their Short A words and when they are ready give them the Google Forms quiz to test progress and achievement. A great way to build confidence for phonics tests!
Use with individual students or groups to help children hear individual sounds in words when ‘sounding out’, and to learn which letters to choose to represent sounds correctly.
All words and pictures from the Clever Speller phonics picture book, ‘Dance of the Fancy Pants Ants’, providing the context for phonics to make sense.
Fully interactive multiple choice style game with sound effects and self correction when played in Google Slides Presentation mode. Students can play as many times as they like.
Google Forms quiz to test progress and achievement and can be printed for your records.
To download seamlessly you will need a Google Drive account (free).
No differences between US and Australian spelling in this story.