Literacy Centre Activities Long E Word Families



Unique story based learning approach to spelling, featuring engaging narrative picture book stories clearly showing how sounds in words are spelled in many ways. This 8 week set of Literacy Centre activities is based on the included Long E phonics story ‘Three Free Wishes,’ purpose written to be read and enjoyed as a ‘proper story,’ while at the same time providing an umbrella resource to easily show how the Long E sound in words can be spelled in many ways.
All activities are based on Three Free Wishes, making learning to spell easy, meaningful and memorable. The story contains 127 focus sound words showing 12 different ways to spell the Long E sound and can be used as a standalone resource or complement any favourite program or methodology.
Students will learn:
  1. to hear the long E sound in words
  2. 12 main ways to spell the Long E sound in words
  3. to choose the correct graphemes to spell words with the Long E sound
  4. an extra 4 uncommon graphemes that can spell the Long E sound in words
Included in This Resource
Long E Word Family Study: 8 Week Unit of Work
Week 1 ’ee’ Word Family: 3 spelling groups
Week 2 ‘ea’ Word Family: 3 spelling groups
Week 3 ‘y’ Word Family: 3 spelling groups
Week 4 ‘e Word Family: 1 spelling group
Week 5 ‘ie’ Word Family: 1 spelling group
Week 6 ‘i’ ‘ey’ Word Families: 1 spelling group
Week 7 ‘Uncommon Ways to Spell Long E’ Word Family: 1 spelling group
Week 8 Long E Overview: 11 activities
Long E Word Family Activities
Finding Long E Find the Long E list words in the story
My Long E Words Long E list words in book highlight Long E grapheme
Spelling Long E ‘Sounding Out’ with phonemes and graphemes
Meaningful Words Write/draw the context of each word
Writing Long E Write a short story or paragraph with the list words
Rhyming Long E Write a sentence for each list word and make a poem
Vocabulary Extension Finding new word family words
Onset Change the first letter to make a new word
Rhyme Rhyming with uncommon graphemes
Unscramble the Words Unscramble word and highlight the Long E grapheme
Long E Games Word card games and puzzles
Long E Overview Activities
Find the Long E Words Highlight all of the Long E words in the story
12 Ways to Spell Long E Ways to spell Long E and vocabulary extension
Long E Graphemes Fill in the correct Long E grapheme and find new words
Choose the Letters Choose the correct Long E grapheme
15 Ways to Spell ‘eeze‘ A fun extension vocabulary builder
Long E Sight Words Word Family Sorting Sorting Long E sight words
Long E Sight Word Matching Choose the correct sight word to fit the text
Word Family Sorting Sort the Long E words into word families
4 More Ways to Spell Long E Word work and research
16 Ways to Spell Long E Chart Make a chart to display 16 ways to spell Long E
Long E Memory Making Make a memorable learning aid
Teacher Resources
Full Length Picture Book Story Separate PDF file, view on any screen
Story on One Page 2 copies, one with Long E words in green, one with all text in black
Word List in Alphabetical Order 127 Long E sound spelling words
Word Families 127 Words grouped into 12 Long E Word Families
Spelling Lists and Groups 12 word family spelling lists approximately 10-12 each, grouped by ability level
Sight Word Practice Sight Word recording charts grouped by Long E grapheme
Flash Cards 127 Long E words, 2 versions, one with graphemes in green, one all black. Included as separate file
Desk Chart 12 ways to spell Long E
About This Resource
Clever Speller is a unique spelling resource featuring engaging full length narrative picture book stories full of words showing all the ways to spell a focus sound.
Why use a Story Based Learning approach for spelling?
  • everyone loves a good story
  • stories make learning fun and relevant
  • stories are easy to remember, leading to a higher retention and recall
  • stories keep learners engaged even when content is dry or confusing
  • stories provide the context for phonics to make sense
  • stories bring spelling to life
Easily learn all the ways to spell sounds in words
As well as making learning to spell meaningful and engaging, Clever Speller phonics stories develop phonemic awareness and easily make sense of crazy English spelling. The concept that sounds in English words can be spelled in many ways is usually not introduced until quite some time into the spelling journey and by then confusion has often set in. Introducing this concept early, in an authentic and natural context, helps to make learning to spell a happy and successful experience for all.
Learn to Spell in 2 Simple Steps
Step 1, Phonemic Awareness: hear sounds in words
Step 2, Phonics Skills and Knowledge: learn all the ways to spell sounds in words
Supports any of the following methodologies
Literacy Centres, Spelling Rotations, Daily 5, Guided Reading, Balanced Literacy, Word Work
How to Use
Teach as a sequential 8 week unit or individual activities as required
Use as a stand alone unit of work or complement your favourite spelling program
Activities can be used with or without referring to phonics story
Laminate task cards and worksheets for multiple use or print out for individual use