Word Family 'ay' Long A Sound

Be Spellbound with these 13 Word Family ‘ay’ activities.



Bring your spelling to life with these 13 Story Based Long A Sound: Word Family ‘ay’ activities. All words and pictures in the activities are from the included phonics story, ‘Baby Jake’s Birthday’, making learning to spell contextual, meaningful and fun.
Be Spellbound with these 13 Word Family ‘ay’ activities.
Contents include:
– Baby Jake’s Birthday Long A Phonics Story containing 103 Long a words that show 9 ways to spell the Long A Vowel Sound.
– My Words to Learn
– Spelling Contract
– Mini Book
– Words in a Picture
– Matching Words and Pictures
– Bookmarks
– Homework
– Word Cards
– Phoneme Cards
– Activity Ideas
– Spelling List
– Assessment in Context
One of the most difficult aspects of learning to spell is that English is not a phonetic language. Only about half of the words in English can be spelled simply by ‘sounding out’. The rest need knowledge that sounds in words can be spelled in many ways.
Clever Speller combines Phonics with Whole Language to help make sense of crazy English spelling.
Purpose written, traditional picture book style stories are full of words showing the many different ways to spell a focus sound.
Beautifully illustrated with engaging characters and a proper narrative story, Story Based Learning will bring your spelling alive.