Long E Story Based Spelling for Ages 4-10


Easily learn all the ways to spell the Long E sound in words. Type and draw on a favourite screen device for interactive learning that kids will just love! Digital and print flexibility with each activity prepared for ready to go digital learning, or you can add your own variations.

27 Long E spelling activities from beginning phonemic awareness, to learning about word families and on to grammar, plus connected reading, writing, handwriting and a word game. Easily choose the learning best suited for each student in the classroom or at home.


All activities are based on the included phonics story ‘Three Free Wishes’ full of words showing 12 ways the Long E sound can be spelled. This unique story based learning approach brings spelling to life and provides the context for phonics to make sense.

3 User Options!

1: Print individual student worksheets or laminate for long lasting use.

2: Interactive for any screen, click ‘Create Digital Activity’. All activities have been pre-prepared or you can add your own variations

3: Download as an interactive PDF, fillable PDF instructions are included.

In this pack:

Stage 1, Phonemic Awareness: Hearing sounds in words

These activities develop the skills of:

  1. hearing individual sounds in words
  2. learning that letters represent sounds


  1. Rhymes with Feet
  2. Rhyming Pairs
  3. Onset
  4. ea Word Family
  5. Words on the Tree
  7. Mini Book

Stage 2, Word Families: Sounds in words are spelled in many different ways

These activities build knowledge of:

  1. There are 12 ways to spell the Long E sound
  2. Choosing correct letters to spell Long E


  1. Find all the Long E words
  2. Long E Word Study
  3. Choose the Correct Letters
  4. Word Family ‘ea’ Vocabulary
  5. Word Family ‘y’ Mini Book
  6. Words at the Sea
  7. Rhyming ‘ee’ Words

Stage 3, Grammar: Putting it all together

These activities develop the skills of:

  1. Communicating clearly
  2. Understanding meaning


  1. Antonyms
  2. Synonyms
  3. Homophones
  4. Editing
  5. Word Choice
  6. Punctuation
  7. Word Meanings

Story Based Literacy

These activities reinforce Long E spelling knowledge with:

  1. contextual story based activities
  2. connected and memorable content


  1. Cloze: With Story Text
  2. Writing: Three Free Wishes
  3. Beginning Handwriting: ‘ea’ Words
  4. Linked Script: Story Text
  5. Word Game: with Long E spelling words