Decodable Sound Phonics Reader for Long U Word Families with Spelling Activities


Easily decode 10 ways the Long U sound can be spelled with this phonics picture book story. 36 focus sound words help develop phonemic awareness, with the Long U letters printed in green to scaffold learning of letter sound correspondence.

In this engaging story the ewes are waiting in the queue to sample the unusual food on the menu. Children will love reading about the mischief they get up to and have fun learning to spell at the same time.


  • Engaging 12 page phonics picture book story to help students develop phonemic awareness
  • 36 Long U spelling words to learn 10 different ways the Long U sound can be spelled: ‘eau’, ‘ew’, ‘ewe’, ‘iew’, ‘u’, ‘ue’, ‘ueue’, ‘uu’, ‘u_e’ and ‘you’.
  • Long U graphemes printed in green, (or grey if printing in BW) to scaffold and support decoding
  • PDF format to print as booklet or single pages, or view on any screen in single or double page format to suit

Also included:

  • word family list
  • tricky words
  • reading comprehension
  • homonyms
  • grapheme chart
  • story on one page
  • coloring page
  • spelling activity ideas
  • cross curricula story based learning activities

Note: 2 versions are included to accommodate differences in US and UK/Australian spelling. The following different spellings occur in the accompanying activity pages.

US/UK: coloring/colouring, theatre, theatre