Word and Picture Match Word Family Spelling Long O Phonics Printable Activities


Matching, Cut and Paste, and Flash Cards to learn 7 Long O word families. 3 styles of activities provide variety to engage and keep students interested in spelling while easily building Long O phonemic awareness and phonics skills.


In these activities students will learn 7 ways the Long O sound can be spelled: ew, o, oa, oe, ol, ow and o_e. All Long O letters are printed in alternative colour for easy decoding of the Long O sound. Simple to complex activities are included to cater for range of learning stages. Colour and black and white versions of each activity are included.


In this resource:

  • Cut and Paste: cut, paste and colour worksheets, 8 colour and 8 BW versions
  • Match Words and Picture: activities to draw a line to match the word and picture. Print as individual worksheets or laminate/place in a plastic sleeve for multiple use. 11 colour and 11 BW versions
  • Flash Cards: 46 cards with words and pictures provide concrete materials for practical hands on learning. Use for sorting into word families, matching words and pictures or games such as memory and pairs. Blank template included. Colour and BW versions
  • Phonics story ‘Joanna Goanna’ full of words showing 9 different ways the Long O sound can be spelled in words. Provides context for connected and meaningful spelling learning.

* Each activity is contained as a separate PDF document in the zip file


Story Based Learning

All words and images are from the included Long O phonics story ‘Joanna Goanna’, an original purpose written traditional picture book style story full of words clearly showing 9 different ways the Long O sound can be spelled: ew, o, oa, oe, oh, ol, ough, ow and o_e.


Benefits of Story Based Learning

  • brings spelling to life
  • provides context for phonics to make sense
  • complements and reinforces any curriculum programme and method
  • consolidates word family and phonics knowledge


How to Use These Activities

  • read story to bring spelling to life and show how the long O sound can be spelled in many ways
  • practice and reinforce spelling and phonics lesson content
  • help your ESL students learn that sounds in words in the English language are spelled in many ways
  • literacy and rotation groups
  • individual student worksheet activities
  • laminate or place in plastic sleeve for multiple use
  • homework