Short E CVC Spelling Game: Tic Tac Toe


Play for free! A classic game of Tic Tac Toe using Short E CVC words from My Best Friend Fred, a Clever Speller phonics story.
Beginning spellers love playing games to help them put letters together to make words. They’ll be spelling in no time with Story Based Learning!
– 18 CVC Short E Words
– All words from the included phonics story ‘My Best Friend Fred’


– Play in pairs
– Each person has a set of letters in the same color
– Players take it in turns to place a letter on the Tic Tac Toe board aiming to make a Short e 3 letter word with their own color letters
– Words can be up or down or diagonal depending on skill level of player
– Players attempt to block the other person from making a 3 letter word at the same time as attempting to make their own word
– Winner is the person who makes a 3 letter word and can read the word aloud.
– There will often be no winner!
– Play again as many times as you like!