Spelling Worksheets for Long A Phonics Word Work No Prep Printable Activities


72 story based learning spelling activities to learn 9 ways the Long A sound in words can be spelled. No prep printable worksheets ready for your word work, literacy centres, morning routines, spelling program, ESL, revision or homework. Differentiated word lists cater to a range of ability from Kindergarten to Year 2. Your students will easily learn to hear sounds in words and know all the ways to spell them. Aligns to any curriculum.


What is Included

61 Long A Word Family Activities

  • Finding Long A: find the list words in the story
  • Meaningful Words: write the meaning of the list words in the story context
  • Writing Long A: combine list words to create a short story or paragraph
  • More Long A Words: find more words with the same Long A grapheme
  • Rhyming Long A: highlight words with the same end sound
  • Onset: change the first letter or letters to make new words, answers included

6 Long A Activities

  • Homophones: write meanings and sentences for each pair of homophones
  • Find All the Words: underline all the words in the story with a Long A sound
  • Missing Letters: fill in the missing Long A letters for each word
  • Choose the Letters: fill in the missing Long A letters in a story context
  • Word Family Sorting: sorting words into 9 word families

3 Sight Words Activities

  • Sight Words Sorting: sorting sight words into word families and analysis
  • Sight Words Matching: cloze activity with sight words
  • Sight Words Practice: check lists sorted according to Long A word family

2 More Ways to Spell Long A

  • 7 More Ways to Spell Long A: Vocabulary Challenge
  • 16 Ways to Spell Long A: Words and Picture Chart

4 Teacher Resources

  • Long A Story: Baby Jake’s Birthday, 2 versions one with all black text and one with Long A words printed in green
  • Complete Word List, 103 Long A Words
  • Spelling Group Lists: 11 differentiated lists
    • ’a’: 2 levels,
    • ’a_e’: 4 levels, ’
    • ai’: 2 levels,
    • ’ay’: 2 levels,
    • ’Unusual Ways’: 1 level
  • Chart: 9 Ways to Spell Long A

These Activities Will Help Students to Develop Skills in:

  • Understanding that sounds are represented by various letter combinations
  • Using sound letter knowledge to read familiar and unfamiliar words
  • Using words in everyday writing to show comprehension and context
  • Applying letter sound knowledge to spell familiar and unfamiliar words
  • Making new words by changing the first letter or letters
  • Building vocabulary
  • Recognising rhyme
  • Recognising and understanding homophones