Synonyms and Antonyms Freebie Printable Activities Long A Phonics & Grammar


Sample pack of printable activities for middle primary students to learn about synonyms and antonyms. Cater for a variety of learning styles and help them to build vocabulary and expression.

What is Included:

  • Synonym bookmarks
  • Synonym and antonym poster to make
  • Find a Word Task Card: highlight 4 synonyms and circle 4 antonyms for the story word
  • Matching Pairs Task Card: draw a line to match the synonym and antonym cards
  • Cut and Paste Sorting Worksheet: sort the synonyms and antonyms into the correct column
  • Antonym Pairs Worksheet: find the antonym pairs and write in a sentence


How to Use These Activities

  • Use the activities for literacy centres, rotation groups, whole class or small groups
  • Great for morning tasks or early finishers

About Story Based Learning

Humans have been using stories to teach their youngsters about life since day dot. Everyone loves a story but it can quite hard to find them with any depth to explicitly teach spelling, which can make spelling rather boring! Our purpose written phonics picture book stories are full of words showing how sounds in words are spelled in many ways and bring spelling and grammar to life. Check out our store for a range of activities based on our original picture books and add life and colour to your spelling and grammar lessons.