Synonyms and Antonyms Printable Card Games and Bingo Long A Phonics & Grammar


Word cards and bingo for a fun way to learn about synonyms and antonyms. Your middle primary students will enjoy playing a variety of games to help build vocabulary, bring writing to life and improve comprehension.

What is included:

  • 22 story word cards with picture clues
  • 22 synonym cards
  • 22 antonym cards
  • 36 different bingo cards
  • 2 bingo caller cards with core words and 4 synonyms and 4 antonyms for each word
  • Core word list of 22 words from the story
  • Synonym word list, 22 core words with 4 synonyms for each story word
  • Antonym word list, 22 core words with 4 antonyms for each story word
  • 2 copies of Long A Phonics Story, ‘Baby Jake’s Birthday’, 1 plain text, 1 with the Long A words in green text


How to Use These Activities

  • Use the word cards for games such as Memory, Snap, Matching, Sorting, Dominoes etc. Print as many as you like.
  • Use the word cards as flash cards for word recognition.
  • 3 variations of Bingo: 1) Simple version with core words, 2) Synonym or 3) Antonym Bingo where the caller calls a synonym or antonym and the player matches it to the core word on their card.

About Story Based Learning

Humans have been using stories to teach their youngsters about life since day dot. Everyone loves a story but it can quite hard to find them with any depth to explicitly teach spelling, which can make spelling rather boring! Our purpose written phonics picture book stories are full of words showing how sounds in words are spelled in many ways and bring spelling and grammar to life. Check out our store for a range of activities based on our original picture books and add life and colour to your spelling and grammar lessons.