Learn to Spell with Stories

Simplify Learning to Spell

1: Hear sounds in words

2: Learn which letters to use to spell sounds in words

Purpose written phonics stories are full of words showing the many different ways a focus sound can be spelled, making learning to spell easy, fun and connected.

Teach Spelling in Context

Phonics alone is not enough.

Clever Speller stories provide context for phonics to make sense.

Teach Long O
All the Ways to Spell Long O

Add Life to Your Spelling Program:

  • Beautifully illustrated picture book style stories
  • Fun interactive games 
  • Meaningful printable activities 

Be Spellbound!

Make the journey from hearing sounds in words – to knowing how to spell them – a happy and successful experience for all. 

Old Style Spelling Lessons

  • Disconnected spelling lists often with no context
  • Word families and letter blends taught in isolation from each other
  • Dry, boring worksheets
  • One dimensional
  • Workbook focused
  • Disconnected curriculum

Clever Speller Style

  • Spelling words in picture book style phonics stories
  • Stories full of words showing many ways to spell a focus sound
  • Contextual activities
  • Fun with technology
  • Story based learning
  • Cross curriculum links