There is No Need For a Spelling War

Spelling does not need to be so hard!

Everyone knows that spelling is important, and everyone knows that spelling is easy for some and not for others. That much is agreed… passionately!

But spelling conversations quickly unravel into wars of methodology, research, anecdotes and personal experiences.

Regardless of how many research papers, blogs, videos, posts, conferences, books, media articles, interviews, meetings, reviews, interventions and chats around the photo copier occur, the fact remains that despite all of the above there are far too many children struggling with spelling.

Hundreds of thousands of children, and adults, are  attempting to learn our crazy English language, with varying success.

It’s time to end the spelling and reading wars. Throw out anything that really does not work but retain a rich inventory of strategies and resources so that we can do what we do best: tune in to students and provide the best combination of methods that works for THEM.

What this means is:

  1. deep knowledge of how students learn to spell
  2. understanding preferred learning styles
  3. access to a range of resources to cater for learning styles
  4. trusting teachers and parents!