Phonics Stories

Learn 73 ways to spell 10 Long and Short Vowel sounds

Each story shows all the ways to spell One Sound

Dance of the Fancy Pants Ants Short A Phonics Picture Book

The ants are running out of food. Will Angie and Alex be able to save them?

  • 1 way to spell 113 Short a words

My Best Friend FredPhonics Picture Book Short E

Fred is a champion BMX rider and a great friend.

  • 6 ways to spell 73 Short e words

Itchy Witch

Learn 5 Ways to Spell th Short I SoundChristy Witch has a mystery itch.

  • 5 ways to spell 162 Short i words


Poppy’s Top Shop

Learn 4 Ways to Spell the Short O SoundYou can find all sorts of treasures at this shop.

  • 4 ways to spell 89 Short o words


Stuck in the Mud

Douggie and his brother are making a cubby by the creek when suddenly there is a storm.

  • 6 Ways to spell 114 Short u words


Baby Jake’s Birthday

Jamie and Jane are in charge of Baby’s birthday party games.

  • 9 ways to spell 103 Long a words


Three Free Wishes

Four friends have three free wishes. What will they do?


  • 12 ways to spell 127 Long e words

Diamonds in the Sky

Tyson Pirate just wants a quiet weekend but there is a drama outside his window.

  • 11 Ways to spell 92 Long i words

Joanna Goanna

Joanna Goanna is searching for something but what is it?

  • 9 ways to spell 114  Long o words


Ewes in the Queue

Ewes will love the unusual food on this menu!

  • 10 ways to spell 36 Long u words