Phonics Stories

Learn 73 ways to spell 10 Long and Short Vowel sounds

Each story shows all the ways to spell One Sound


Dance of the Fancy Pants Ants 

The ants are running out of food. Will Angie and Alex be able to save them?

  • 1 way to spell 113 Short a words

My Best Friend Fred

Fred is a champion BMX rider and a great friend.

  • 6 ways to spell 73 Short e words

Itchy Witch

Christy Witch has a mystery itch.

  • 5 ways to spell 162 Short i words

Poppy’s Top Shop

You can find all sorts of treasures at this shop.

  • 4 ways to spell 89 Short o words

Stuck in the Mud

Douggie and his brother are making a cubby by the creek when suddenly there is a storm.

  • 6 Ways to spell 114 Short u words

Baby Jake’s Birthday

Jamie and Jane are in charge of Baby’s birthday party games.

  • 9 ways to spell 103 Long a words

Three Free Wishes

Four friends have three free wishes. What will they do?

  • 12 ways to spell 127 Long e words

Diamonds in the Sky

Tyson Pirate just wants a quiet weekend but there is a drama outside his window.

  • 11 Ways to spell 92 Long i words

Joanna Goanna

Joanna Goanna is searching for something but what is it?

  • 9 ways to spell 114  Long o words

Ewes in the Queue

Ewes will love the unusual food on this menu!

  • 10 ways to spell 36 Long u words