What age range is Clever Speller for?

Children love to spell at a surprisingly early age! Read Clever Speller stories as soon as they are spelling out c-a-t or d-o-g. Then when they start asking how to spell words that are trickier to explain, such as t-r-ee, m-o-n-k-ey, ch-ee-se or s-ea it will be easy to sound out phonetically and explain that lots of sounds are spelled in different ways.

The bulk of the content in Clever Speller is ideally learnt from about 5 years of age to 8-9 but spellers of any age will benefit from ‘playing’ and learning with the app.

Clever Speller caters for beginning spellers, to learning about word families and finally grammar and word knowledge.

The app is systematic in that it explicitly teaches how to spell sounds but is not sequential in that it can be used at any stage depending on what is needed.