Working Together

Whole language and phonics work together in a unique way to solve the major issues faced when learning to spell.

The non-phonetic nature and irregular spelling of the English language, and the often dull, dry, disconnected nature of spelling lists and worksheets combine to cause early confusion and disengagement, a toxic mix impacting harshly on literacy levels

Clever Speller stops this negative spiral before it begins, and maintains the early enthusiasm and excitement of learning to spell before the challenge of learning that there are many ways to spell sounds in words stalls progress.

There is no shortage of programs to teach spelling. Most can be categorized broadly into one of two methods, whole language and phonics. Both have pros and cons. Neither are fully effective on their own.

Learning to spell using whole language on its own does not work. Although the method is creative and visual, it lacks rigor. Spelling inaccuracies are often not addressed and poor spelling habits can last a lifetime.

Learning to spell using phonics alone does not work either. Although systematic, it can be boring and disconnected and as around half of the words in the English language contain sounds that can be spelled in many different ways, spelling words out of context is often impossible.

Combining whole language, phonics and the magic of technology, Clever Speller makes the transition from hearing sounds in words, to knowing all the ways to spell them easy, fun and memorable.

Clever Speller is a unique program that makes sense of crazy English spelling and brings it to life with story based learning so that learning to spell is a happy and successful experience for all.