What is Another Word For…?

When students build a rich bank of words to draw upon, the more likely it is that finding just the right word will be a piece of cake, or even, easy as pie…!

Well taught grammar lessons will build vocabulary to help students make their communication interesting and engaging rather than dull, boring or repetitive. A rich vocabulary paint a picture in the minds of the reader and improves communication in general.

We know how important grammar is, but we also know how dreadfully boring those lessons can be and how hard it is to convince kids that doing ‘grammar’ is important for their future. Often by the time grammar is taught variety is reduced to a series of worksheets which can make grammar rather dry.

Do your kids like to make things? Do they like to play games, paper based and on their favourite screens? Do they like working in groups? Do they like quick tasks? Do you need some good old fashioned worksheets to stick in their books and record their progress?

Newly upgraded grammar activities to suit a range of learning styles:

Games to Play: Flashcards for memory, snap, matching, sorting, Fish etc. Bingo with a twist. Caller calls out the synonym or antonym for the words on the Bingo card

Things to Make: bookmarks to add words to and posters to make and display in the class

Task Cards: 5 different kinds of activities for your rotation groups, literacy circles or quick tasks for your early finishers or late starters.

Worksheets: 4 different types of good old fashioned activities to print out and stick in their books or present as ‘evidence of learning’.