About Clever Speller

What is Clever Speller

Clever Speller is a Story Based Learning spelling program that combines whole language and phonics with the magic of technology, to teach the different ways that sounds are spelled in words and make learning to spell a happy and successful experience.

One of the most difficult aspects about being a good speller is that English has so many ways to spell sounds in words! Did you know that there are more than 12 ways to spell the Long e sound? Think of these words that all have a Long e sound: sea, bee, quay, key, scene, kiosk, police, stories, receive, bunny, evening, people. No wonder it’s confusing!

Not only is learning to spell the English language so confusing, but more often than not, it’s dry and boring. It’s no wonder that children can become disheartened.

The good news is that spelling doesn’t have to be confusing or boring any longer!
Clever Speller makes it easy, and fun, to learn the different ways to spell sounds in words.

Clever Speller teaches 73 ways to spell 10 vowel sounds, with over 1000 spelling words and 2000 printable teaching resources.

10 Phonics Stories full of words showing 73 ways to spell the Long and Short Vowel sounds are available as: 

  • Printed picture book style books with story and activities
  • Over 2000 printable resources 
  • Interactive Boom Cards

Browse our store and peek inside the printed books, or visit our Boom Cards store, and enjoy the benefits of improved literacy in your life.