Phonics Picture Book Stories

Make spelling a happy and successful time for all

No more boring disconnected spelling lessons

Easily learn all the ways to spell sounds in words


Engaging Phonics Stories

No more endless, meaningless word lists or dry, boring worksheets

Clever Speller is Different!

No Other Spelling Resource Features

Traditional picture books with


in the same story

Easy Chart 9 Ways to Spell Long A

How to Learn to Spell

1: Hear sounds in words

2: Learn which letters spell each sound

Easy!!!  but…

How to spell eighth

English is a crazy language to learn!

Did you know there are at least 12 ways to spell the Long E sound?

Consider these words: quayevening, sea, tree, these, receive, people, key, kiosk, stories, police, bunny

No wonder spelling can be confusing!

There are at least

73 Ways to Spell

10 Long and Short Vowel Sounds!

Stop confusion before it begins


make learning to spell easy and fun


Decodable Sound Phonics Picture Book Stories

Bridging the Gap Between 

Beginning Readers and Authentic Texts

Best used as a big picture/umbrella resource to clearly show how sounds in words are spelled in many different ways.

Please note: They are not Decodable Readers, which are quite different!

Picture Books Include

  • Beautifully illustrated with colourful characters and engaging adventures
  • Phonics stories full of focus sound words to build phonemic awareness
  • Highlighted letters showing many different ways to spell a focus sound
  • 73 ways to spell 10 long and short vowel sounds
  • Over 1000 spelling words sorted into word families
  • High frequency words grouped according to focus sound
  • Homophones, homonyms and homographs
  • Spelling and cross curricular activities
  • Reading comprehension quizzes
  • Grapheme chart

Also Available as an iPad App

  • Narrated stories
  • Interactive games
  • Printable activities

Coming soon for Android

For Parents

Give your child the gift of words

  • Read interesting and educational picture book stories with your children
  • Relax while your children read, play and learn
  • Encourage a love of reading and words
  • Enjoy learning together


For Teachers

Bring life to your spelling lessons

  • Add extra interest to your favorite spelling methodology
  • Provide context for phonics strategies to make sense
  • Say goodbye to boring, disconnected wordlists and worksheets
  • Save precious planning time 
  • Cater for different learning styles
  • Make sense of crazy English spelling