Be Spellbound!

Did you know that there are at least 12 ways to spell the Long E sound in English words!

Consider: quayevening, sea, tree, these, receive, people, key, kiosk, stories, police, bunny… no wonder learning to spell can be confusing!

Easily learn all the ways to spell sounds in words


  • Phonics stories full of focus sound words 
  • 73 ways to spell 10 long and short vowel sounds
  • Over 1000 spelling words
  • Beautifully illustrated, engaging picture books
  • Educational app for iPads
  • Printable activities and resources

For Parents

Give your child the gift of words

  • Read interesting picture book stories with your children
  • Relax while your children read, play and learn
  • Enjoy learning together


For Teachers

Bring life to your spelling lessons

  • Add extra interest to your favorite spelling methodology
  • Provide context for phonics strategies to make sense
  • Say goodbye to boring, disconnected wordlists and worksheets
  • Save precious planning time 
  • Cater for different learning styles
  • Make sense of crazy English spelling

No other spelling program features engaging full length picture books with all the different ways to spell an individual  focus sound in the same story

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